9 August 2007

Your First Guitar Chord

This post shows you how to play one of the easiest chords on the guitar. I'll be following it up with more posts showing other easy chords so that you'll be able to start playing songs.

The chord I'm starting with is G. This chord can be played in a simple form with just one finger. Place your finger on the 1st string (the thinnest one) just behind the 3rd fret. I recommend that you try using your 3rd finger, the ring finger, to press the string.

Put your thumb on the back of the guitar's neck around about the position of the 2nd fret. Rest your 3rd finger lightly on the 1st string. Practice putting your finger in place a couple of times, just touching the string lightly without pressing it down. Perform this movement slowly, there's no hurry.

When you're comfortable with this try pressing the string down onto the fretboard with your fingertip. Again, practice this movement slowly until you're reasonably comfortable with it. Check that your finger is touching only the 1st string, and doesn't interfere with the 2nd.

Got that? Great, now go ahead and play the chord. Strum the bottom four strings of the guitar with your right-hand. You can use your thumb, a finger or a pick. If you're pressing right, then you should hear all the strings ring out clearly.

That's it, you're playing a G chord.

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