22 September 2007

Beginner Guitar Chord: Open G Chord

I showed you how to play a one finger G chord to get you started playing the guitar easily. You used only one finger to fret that G chord on the guitar's neck. Now it's time for me to show you the full G chord.

This one adds some bass notes and produces a richer sound. To play the full G chord you'll use three fingers, as shown in the chord diagram below.

e |---|---|-3-|
b |---|---|---|
g |---|---|---|
d O|---|---|---|
a X|---|-1-|---|
E X|---|---|-2-|

You might find it a bit of a stretch at first, but practice slowly and you'll soon be comfortable with it. When starting out you'll find it easier if you place your fingers one by one on the strings. You might find it easier to start with the third finger if you're already familiar with the one finger G chord.

When you're ready you can strum this chord across all six strings. You'll hear that the two bass notes you've added give the chord a fuller sound than the one finger version.

Have fun practicing this one and in a future post I'll show you how to add bass notes to the C chord too.

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