11 September 2007

Beginners Guitar: The D Chord

So far I've shown you how to play an easy G chord and C chord to get you started playing guitar. In this post I'm introducing you to the D chord. This will give you all you need to play thousands of rock and pop songs.

The D chord is more difficult than the two chords learned previously. You'll have to master three fingers to make it. But take things slowly and you'll soon have no trouble with this.

The D chord is fingered as shown in the chord diagram below. If you don't know how to read the diagram then this post will show you how.

e |---|-2-|---|
b |---|---|-3-|
g |---|-1-|---|
d O|---|---|---|
a X|---|---|---|
E X|---|---|---|

As usual practice placing your fingers slowly. Concentrate on one finger at a time and don't worry if it takes some time to get them coordinated. I recommend that you place the fingers one at a time, slowly at first. First the 1st finger on the 3rd string, then the 2nd finger on the 1st string and, finally, the 3rd finger on the 2nd string.

Remember to start practicing this movement by placing the finger tips lightly on the strings. Don't try to press them down. You might like to read my tips on learning chord positions.

It might seem challenging at first, but keep in mind that once you've learned this chord it will open up a whole world of thousands of songs that are played with three chords. And remember, above all, have fun.

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