4 September 2007

Blues Lick in D #3

Today's blues lick can be played over the D (IV) chord in a blues in A. You can use it with these A chord licks. Here's the lick.

4 a a 1 a 2 a 3 a a 4 a 1 a
The lick starts with a chromatic walkup to the root D note. Placing this walk up at the end of the preceding A bar leads nicely into the D chord.

The lick continues with a slide from to the major 3rd of the D chord. This reinforces the "D-ness" at this point. Then it's back to the root D note, let this one sound for a beat or so.

The second bar of D is introduced with a similar motif. This time the slide is played twice for an extra emphasis. The whole thing finishes on the root D note again. Give this one emphasis with a long vibrato.

Note that this lick uses notes from the A major pentatonic scale. These notes all are part of the D major scale, too. This is why they sound good over the D chord in an A blues.

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