2 October 2007

Beginner Guitar Chord: Open C Chord

Today I'm showing you how to build on the one finger C chord you learned previously. I'll show you how to add two bass notes to make a complete and fuller sounding C chord.

You'll use three fingers to make the C chord shape. The chord diagram below shows you how.

e 0|---|---|---|
b |-1-|---|---|
g 0|---|---|---|
d |---|-2-|---|
a |---|---|-3-|
E X|---|---|---|

You might notice that the position of the 1st and 2nd fingers is very similar to the G chord. They are just one string down from that position.

I suggest that you practice using both the 1st and the 3rd fingers as your lead finger. The 1st is probably more comfortable for you starting out from the one finger C chord.

When you're comfortable with the fretting hand position you can strum this chord across all strings except the sixth one. If you compare it to the one finger version you'll hear a richer sound.

Have fun practicing this one. When you've got it under control try combining it with the G chord, playing one after the other for four strums at a time.

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