4 October 2007

How To Learn Blues Guitar On Your PC

The Desktop Blues is a fun tool that can give you a great insight into playing blues guitar. Desktop blues is a web page that lets you "play the blues" by clicking buttons that play blues parts: tan buttons play a rhythm riff, pink buttons a vocal, and green ones a solo riff.

You can have great fun constructing your own blues by clicking around on the various buttons. As you do so you'll be learning an important lesson on playing the blues. You will discover that putting together a bunch of little pieces like these makes a great song.

Build yourself a vocabulary of small guitar (and vocal) pieces like those used by the Desktop Blues. Learn to play them well, without thinking too much about it. Learn to mix them together in all sorts of ways to make interesting and entertaining songs.

And the great thing - as the Desktop Blues so ably demonstrates - is that you really don't need all that many of them to have fun and be convincing.

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