28 November 2007

How To Never Forget A Song Again

As you learn to play guitar you"ll gather an ever increasing collection of songs and pieces that you've learned to play. If your experience is anything like mine then you'll find that it's all too easy to gradually forget these pieces that you've worked hard to master.

The reason is mostly because you don't play them again; your practice time all gets taken up by all the new things that you're working on.

This leads to the frustrating feeling that you never know how to play more than a few pieces instead of having a growing repertoire that you can play at will. This problem usually manifests itself most obviously when you're supposed to play in front of a group of people...

Here's where this simple tools helps.

1. Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half length wise to form two columns.

2. In the left column list the pieces that you already know and then put the sheet inside your guitar case or bag.

3. Now, each time you practice or play your guitar play one of the pieces in your list.

4. When you learn a new piece remember to add it to the list.

That's it. This simple system ensures that you regularly play the pieces that you've already learned so you won't forget them. The repertoire of things that you can play next time you're asked will grow.

There's room on the for well over a hundred songs and using it ensures that you don't overlook any.

This tool costs almost nothing, is easy to use and ensures that you don't overlook any of those hard-learned pieces that you've worked on.

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