4 December 2007

Blues Lick #10: A major chord tones

Today's blues lick is in the key of A. It combines some single notes from the A major scale with some double stops - 2 notes played at the same time. Here's the lick.

The lick starts with a good old hammer on to the major 3rd of the chord followed by an arpeggio on the 5th and root notes. Let these notes ring together.

Next comes a pair of double stops based on the minor pentatonic scale. The major 3rd hammer-on and arpeggio is repeated again and then followed by more double stops on the 1st and 2nd strings. Again these notes are from the A minor pentatonic scale.

Using chord arpeggios in your licks like this is a good way to emphasise the harmony of the piece you're playing.

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