15 January 2008

Blues Guitar Lick #11: IV Chord Minor Pentatonic

Today's blues lick builds on Blues licks on the IV chord part I to show another minor pentatonic lick over the IV chord. It's in the key of A with the lick over the D chord. Here's the lick.

A7 (I) D7 (IV)
3 & 4 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

The lick starts on the A chord in the 2nd position of the minor pentatonic.

In the first two beats of the D chord it plays between the min 3rd and the 4th of the A minor pentatonic. These are the b7th and root notes of the D chord and serve to establish the IV chord sound. These two notes are common to both the minor pentatonic and the D7 chord. They form the basis of this lick.

I suggest playing the D note at beat two of the IV chord staccato. Aim for a snappy sound; you'll find it gives the note extra punch.

The lick finishes with a short chromatic walk up to the D root note to reinforce the IV chord. Give the final D note some vibrato for added emphasis.

This lick shows two of the most important notes for building your own minor pentatonic licks over the IV chord. Further posts in the series will show you how to create more variety when playing over the IV chord. Sign up to the RSS feed to receive notification of the posts.

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