20 February 2008

Play Better Guitar: Two Guaranteed Ways To Improve

Would you like to play better guitar? Here are two simple things that you can do that are sure to improve your playing no matter what level you're at now.

1. Play more

How much time you spend on stuff like reading this web page, watching TV, or searching the Internet for the perfect effects pedal instead of playing and practicing your guitar?

Maybe you don't want to give up watching all your favourite TV shows. Then you can watch them with your guitar in hand and practice chord changes or scales at the same time.

There are also plenty of exercises and activities that you can do when you don't have your guitar at hand. You can do these while you shower, while you're on the bus, or while you're out walking or jogging.

Choose to spend more of your time practicing your guitar and you can't help but get better. So stop reading this, and get practicing... Just after reading the second tip, that is.

2. Keep Playing

When learning guitar it's easy to become discouraged by the seemingly endless amount that there is to learn: technique, chords, music theory, scales, songs, musical styles, and on and on.

It often feels like you know almost nothing and that there's always a huge number of skills to learn. Some skills can take a lot of time to master; I still play bum notes in chords that I've been playing for years.

But stick with your dream and keep on playing and learning, one day you'll look at yourself and realize that you've become a better guitarist. You might even consider that you've become a good guitarist. You'll certainly be able to play a lot of things that will give you immense pleasure.

I think that there is always something to be frustrated about as a guitarist, even great players. have some skill or style that they'd like to master better. So remember, you'll have to learn to live with a little frustration. Just don't let it spoil your fun.

You'll never finish learning the guitar, accept this and enjoy the moment with your existing skills. Regardless of your level you can always have fun with what you know.

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed by your guitar limitations and are unsatisfied with your performances remember these two techniques:

1. Play more
2. Keep Playing

With those in mind you'll know that you can improve and continue to enjoy playing guitar. Never let go of your dream and one day, you'll become the guitarist you want to be.

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