24 March 2008

Blues Guitar Lick 13: D Chord Double Stops

Today's blues lick shows some double stops played over a D chord. A double stop is simply two notes from the scale or chord played together, like the notes played at the 7th fret in the lick below.

4 & 1 2 & 3 4 & 1 2 & 3

The lick starts with a little chromatic walk up. This leads up to the major 3rd of the D chord to establish the D chord's harmony. You'll then play the first double stop which uses the D chord's 5th note (D string) and its root (G string).

This double stop is played again on beat two, this time with a hammer on for a little embellishment. We then come back to rest an instant on the root-5th double stop again, before repeating the minor 3rd - major 3rd walk up again before the second bar of the lick.

The second bar starts identically to the first. The lick finishes on the third beat of this bar with a double stop on the G and B strings. This time the double stop uses the D chord's root note (G string) and its major 3rd (B string).

You'll be getting more licks around this major pentatonic position in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up for the RSS feed using the link below so you don't miss them.

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