13 March 2008

Play More Guitar

Do you wish you could play more guitar? Don't we all, it's one of the best ways of progressing. But for those of us with day jobs and other commitments finding time is not always easy.

But don't despair, there is hope for us non-pros. This list of tips will show you some simple ways you can make time in your day to play more guitar.

Tip #1: Leave your guitar in view
This is advice you'll hear time and again. Get yourself a guitar stand and leave your guitar out in the lounge, or whichever room you hang around in the most. Every time you walk by you'll want to pick it up and play.

Tip #2: Leave a guitar at work
Get yourself a cheap guitar and leave it at work. Take it out and practice during the lunch break. It's also a great way to relieve stress and get your creative energy flowing for the afternoon. See also tip #6.

Tip #3: Play in small bursts
This one goes right along with tip #1. You don't need an hour of free time to practice effectively, just two or three minutes will do if you repeat them regularly. Two minutes waiting for that kettle to boil? Pick up the guitar and rock n roll...

Tip #4: Play in your mind
I've said it before, twice, and I'll say it again now: you don't need your guitar in your hands to work on your playing skills. Visualization exercises are a great way to reinforce your learning without your guitar.

Tip #5: Play when you wake up
Play first thing in the morning when you get up, five minutes will do. Try a passage that's giving you trouble, you might be surprised to find it easier in your half awake state. I thinks it's because you're more relaxed and your mind doesn't get in the way of your playing so much.

You'll also find that having played once you'll have the urge to play more during the day.

Tip #6: Get a travel guitar or a ukulele
Get a small travel guitar, or a ukulele, and carry it around in your bag or your car. You're then equipped to whip it out anytime you're at a loose end, like waiting for a bus. You never know, you might even earn your fare.

I hope these tips will get you thinking about ways that you can play more guitar. Maybe you'll come up with ideas of your own that you could share by leaving a comment.

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