1 April 2008

Handy Music Stamp

Writing down your music is an important part of the learning process. If you don't write down that riff your guitar teacher showed you, there's a good chance you'll forget it by the time you get home from your lesson.

Music Stamps are a simple tool that you'll find help note music clearly so you can read it easily later. Use these and you'll no longer have trouble reading your own, or teacher's, scribbled music charts.

Guitar Music Stamps are a range of robust, self-inking stamps designed for guitar teachers, students and players. The stamps can be used to draw fretboard diagrams, tab lines, or standard notation staffs so that you can quickly and cleanly note down chords, licks, riffs or even entire solos.

The Music Stamps non-toxic ink is kept in an air tight container within the casing. This ensures longer ink life and no leaks or smudges in your bag or pocket. Ink pads are designed to last for around 10,000 stamps and can be replaced with a simple slide in cartridge.

The range for guitarists includes 5, 7, 14 and 24 fret guitar fretboard in several sizes. Use these for noting chord diagrams or scale patterns. There are also stamps for 6 string tablature and the 5 line standard notation staff.

These easily portable stamps will help you create clean and accurate musical notations. No more unreadable scribbles when you get home from your guitar lesson or band rehearsal.

You can learn more and order Music Stamps from http://www.musicstampseries.com/.

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