6 May 2008

Beginner's Guitar Chords: Dm

You’ve arrived at the last of the open position minor chords in this lessons series. In the first two parts you learned to play the E minor chord and the A minor chord. This lesson will add the D minor chord to those two.

The Dm chord can be a little more difficult to play than the previous two. The fingering is a little more tricky, but with a little practice you’ll be able to play it.

Let’s take a look at the finger positions using our old friend the chord diagram. Remember, the numbers on the frets indicate the fingers to use to finger those frets. The numbering starts at one for the index and goes up to 4 for the little finger.

e |-1-|---|---|
B |---|---|-3-|
G |---|-2-|---|
D 0|---|---|---|
A x|---|---|---|
E x|---|---|---|

You’ll notice that only the highest four strings – the ones towards the bottom -are played for this chord. You can in fact also hit the A string and it will still sound fine.

Here are some guitar progressions using the Dm chord that you can practice with. Strum each chord four times, the "||:" and ":||" symbols indicate that the pattern inside them is repeated.

||: Am | Em | Dm | Am :||
||: C | Dm | E | Am :||
||: Dm | G | Dm | G :||

Until the next beginners chords lesson have fun practicing and playing.

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