4 July 2008

An Easy Way to Guitar Practice Motivation

One big complaint from learning guitarists is the lack of time or motivation for guitar practice. It can be easy to let your guitar practice slip by in the busy world we live in.

But here's a simple and effective technique that will give you all the guitar practice motivation you need. A guitar "concert day" will get you motivated and make practice easy.

Do your guitar practice plans often start out like this?

You say to yourself, "I'm going to work on this song so that I can play it by next weekend."

Maybe you even plan in more detail, "On Monday I'll learn the verse, and on Tuesday the chorus. The rest of the week I'll put the whole song together and add the intro."

A great plan, but then what really happens?

On Monday evening you notice some bills you really ought to file. And then there's that show on TV you like...

The following days it's cleaning some neglected corner of your house or reading blogs. Your guitar practice quietly falls by the wayside.

You finally pick up your guitar on Friday evening to practice the song. Hmm, it looks kind of hard and there are two new chords you don't know in the verse. After half an hour of trying you can't play those new chords right. You start thinking that maybe you're just not good enough to play guitar.

Contrast this sorry tale with your last deadline at work. Perhaps it was a report you had to give to your boss or maybe a phone call to return information to a customer.

Was this deadline something you really wanted to do? Were you really motivated by it? Maybe not, but I bet you still delivered on time. You wouldn't think of showing up at the weekly meeting and saying, "Gee, I just had to clean out my desk drawers; I couldn't find time to finish the report. So in the end I didn't do it."

You did what it took to get the report done on time because you didn't want to lose face in front of your boss or co-workers.

The bottom line is, not losing face is an incredibly strong motivating force. And as luck would have it you can use it to help you meet your guitar goals, too.

Go ahead, bite the bullet and set up a concert to play your new song. No need to sell $50 tickets and hire a stadium. Just tell your significant other, your kids, parents, or your friends that you are going to play a new song for them next Saturday.

You'll find that you are much better motivated to learn the song now that you have an occasion to look a little foolish if you don't. The desire to practice your guitar comes easily as ABC.

Get into the habit of setting yourself regular "concert days" and you'll have all the guitar practice motivation you need.

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