28 July 2008

Slacking Off

A reader kindly pointed out the shocking fact that Not Playing Guitar has not been updated for TWO WEEKS.

Now, I'd love to say I have a really great excuse, like I was invited to accompany Ben Harper on his European festival tour, but the truth is far less glamorous.

In fact, I have to admit I am just a terrible person. No really, I'm just a flake, or maybe it's just that I'm a Gemini. You see we just can't seem to focus on one thing for long enough to finish it. Ideas for posts have just been arriving in bucket loads, but no time to finish them.

But rest assured, faithful readers, the situation is returning to order this week. Hallelujah! Tune up your guitar.

For all you guitar lesson starved Internauts out there, here is an exclusive glimpse at the cool summer line up that will hit your feed reader this week. Of course, for the reader in South Africa (thanks!) it's actually winter, so you can think of it as hot guitar soup, or something like that, instead.

Here's the line-up...

1. Learn the secret to playing guitar in time

Several times Google has sent people to Not Playing Guitar in response to the search "How do I play guitar in time?" Trouble is, I can't find a page that answers the question, an omission that will be rectified this very week.

2. Learn to play chords and licks all over the fret board in any key

Surely that's too much for a mere blog post? No, not when it shows you possibly the greatest guitar book in the world. Discover the must have book that will make you a better guitar player.

3. Learn a guitar chord progression

It's kind of hard to follow the world's greatest guitar book, but if anything can do it, it's this secret chord progression you need to play many favourite rock songs.

Not bad, eh? Keep your eyes open, I'm off to the keyboard to get all that ready for you...

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