13 August 2008

Improve Your Guitar Playing Now

Do you have a guitar practice routine? No? Then get on over to the Rock House Method blog to find out why you need one.

In the post 12 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a Better Player #11 you'll learn that a practice routine:

"... may be the most important thing on this list, set a daily practice schedule with a well thought out practice routine."
Consistent, regular practice is the surest way to get better at playing guitar. There's no substitute for it. Not that you have to work for hours at a time, but be organized and regular. I think this is one of the biggest struggles for all of us amateur guitarists. It requires dedication to practice guitar regularly in a life of work, family, friends and chores.

How do you maintain a regular practice and playing schedule? Share your tips via the comments...

Get more advice on organizing your practice routine from Rock House.

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