9 August 2008

Is Your Guitar Attitude Taking You to Success or Frustration?

Are you enjoying your guitar learning and playing? Or do you feel frustrated by your progress? Maybe you just need to get honest with yourself about where you're "at"...

A Tale of Two Attitudes

Regardless of your playing level it's your attitude to playing the guitar determines how much success and enjoyment you get out of it. Consider the story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri related by IG Blog. Salieri was a successful and respected musician, but spent his time worrying about how he compared to Mozart. Mozart on the other hand,

"He just lived the moment. He was into whatever he was composing, and the stuff he came up with didn’t seem to have serious consequence to him. He just went straight ahead and dove headlong into the music. Because to Mozart, it was the music-making that mattered, not being self-critical or comparing himself to others."

Why Do You Play Guitar?

So, why do you play guitar? Do you just enjoy playing guitar, lose yourself in the instrument and the music you make with it? Or do you play to "be" a guitarist? Do you compare yourself to other players, or guitar legends that you want to emulate?

If you just play guitar for the fun you are sure to have success. You'll be happy right from the time you learn your first three chord song. But if you are constantly looking at guitarists and trying to emulate them you could well dig yourself into a hole.

I'll leave with some words from Wes Montgomery, the great jazz guitarist. Wes, who certainly knew a thing or two about playing, left us this wise insight,
"To me, all guitar players can play, because I know they're getting to where they're at. It's a very hard instrument to accept, because it takes years to start working with it, that's first, and it looks like everybody else is moving on the instrument but you. Then when you find a cat that's really playing, you always find that he's been playing a long time, you can't get around it." (from Quotes Daddy)

Do you know where you're "at"?

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