24 September 2008

56 Two Chord Songs

Two chord songs are a great resource for beginners. They are the easiest to play, and nothing is as motivating as being able to play a song.

That's why the Song Train, a book of 1 and 2 chord songs is such a good idea. The Song Train is a 4 CD set of 56 simple songs, accompanied by an 80 page colour book illustrating the songs. The book shows you, in simple non-music notation, how to play the songs on the CDs.

I think the best thing here is to let the creators, Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen, tell you more about it in their own words.

"This 56-song set and book are a collection of 1 and 2-chord songs, arranged and performed with just an acoustic guitar to drive them. They span a cross-section of American music, and are designed for anyone who wants to play music. The Song Train is not lessons or instruction, and there are no pre-requisites. Some of the songs are so easy that they can be performed with just one finger of the left hand!"

The songs are mostly traditional with titles such as Bound For The Promised Land, Handsome Molly, Jack O' Diamonds Blues, Moonshiner's Blues, and others...

The book costs US$49.95 plus $5 shipping. You can get ordering information and find out about retail locations at the web site.

It could make a good present for the budding guitarist in your life (maybe that's you?).

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Anonymous said...

I know what I will be getting soon...

Thanks for posting this.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi MJK, Glad it helps you. Come back to the comments and let us know what you think of it. It would be great to get a first hand review.


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