17 October 2008

Blues Guitar Phrasing Mistakes

Seems to be a bluesy week this week. After getting myself a copy of Intermediate Blues Guitar to work on my blues skills I came across this timely reminder from the Learning Acoustic Guitar blog, 4 Common Blues Guitar Phrasing Mistakes. Hmm, are these guys trying to tell me something?

Well, phrasing is one of the hardest things to get when it comes to playing blues guitar. As you'll learn if you read the post it's not just about learning scales and knowing the right blues notes.

What really separates the bluesmen from the boys is the way they play those notes. Their phrasing, in other words. Sure, you need the notes, but you also need rhythm, dynamics, restraint and feeling. Especially the restraint part, so many players just play too many notes.

Visit the post to get some ideas on things to avoid. Do you recognize any of your own blues phrasing mistakes? Maybe you have, or have heard, other common mistakes. Why not share them in a comment so we can both benefit from your experiences...?

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