31 October 2008

Three Ways to Play Barre Chords

Here's a free barre chord lesson from My Easy Guitar that shows three techniques to make a good barre. It is of interest to guitarists setting out to learn or perfect this technique. The barre chord is a learning step that most guitarists seem to dread.

1. The basics

Getting your index finger straight and holding all six strings. Practice approach to gradually find the right position for you. Not everybody has the same fingers.

2. Twisting method

I use this one sometimes and find it quite effective. One advantage is that you use different muscles to hold the barre so it gives your hand a rest sometimes.

You can see Arlen Roth use twisted finger barres a lot in this Gibson lesson on soul and R&B arpeggio playing. See how his barre finger is really curved? Shows that there's more than one way to skin a cat, so don't be afraid to experiment to find what works best for you.

3. Pulling method

This technique was a new one to me. I've tried it out a little and I find it quite strange, it takes a lot of coordination to block the guitar body with the right arm. I'm not sure if it's really useful yet. Maybe you have experience with this method? Could you explain what it's most useful for by leaving a comment? Use the comment link below...

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