7 November 2008

Develop Your Guitar Goals

Goals, goals, goals. Seems like whatever you want to do in life nowadays everybody is telling you to set goals to do it. And learning guitar is no exception.

But how do you go about setting guitar goals when you are a complete beginner? If you know nothing about music how do you figure out what to aim for? What is reasonable and how do you get to it?

Well, one good way is to start by asking yourself some questions. Not just any old questions, mind you, but questions that will lead you to what you need to study and practice. Over on the Guitar Site you can find a really useful resource about setting guitar goals.

Not only does it show you an example to get you asking the right kind of questions, you also get some free worksheets to help you develop your own goals.

The first exercise helps you to think about what kind of guitar playing you want to aim for. Once you've done that one you can try the next step proposed by the Guitar Site and find out what to work on.

If you're a complete beginner you will probably need some help to answer some of the questions. You can ask a guitar teacher, a guitar playing friend, or try asking in a good forum.

If you're already somewhere along your guitar learning journey, you might need less help. But I think you'll find this approach useful to figure out where you want to go next.

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