3 November 2008

Guitar Finger Independence without the Guitar

This post shows an exercise to build finger independence that you can do without your guitar. In this post I showed you how to use the chord positions you already know to develop finger independence. But this is one area where you can really benefit from some of your time not playing guitar.

You can do basically the same exercise anywhere. All you need is a flat surface to rest your finger tips on. You can do it on a desk or table, an armrest or even on a thigh (but be sure to have the permission of the person the thigh belongs to first!).

Once you've found your flat surface just put your hand down on it, palms facing down and curl your fingertips so they rest lightly on it. Now you're all set to go, you can practice all the finger cycles you saw in the previous lesson. You can practice them with both hands, too. So it's not only good training for your fretting hand but you can also use it to work on your finger picking, too.

You can do this one on your way to work, in meetings, at the dentists, eating lunch, watching TV... You can have fun not playing guitar everywhere!

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1 comment:

Gabe said...

(but be sure to have the permission of the person the thigh belongs to first!) that was funny =)

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