28 November 2008

Guitar Power Chords Lesson

Here's an interesting lesson on power chords that will show you how to easily add some new sounds to your collection of beginner guitar chords. The lesson is offered by the Pickstroke blog.

Power chords are fairly easy to play and can be a good way to approach learning of bar chords. They will help you to learn and memorize the position of the important root and fifth notes up and down the fretboard.

But power chords also have a learning pitfall, read the article Guitar Power Chords on Pickstroke to find out what it is...

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Anonymous said...

Between PickStroke and your site, I think I have all my bases covered. Now all you need to do for me is give me more time to practice what you two preach.

Thanks like always for your lessons.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I hereby grant you the whole weekend to practice ;-)

Anonymous said...

...thanks Gary. The Misses gave me Sunday off AND to myself and that it all that I had done: Practice. I feel better.

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