14 November 2008

Intermediate Blues Guitar Review Update

I have to tell you, Matt Smith is a bad bad bad bad man. The rhythm guitar chapters in his Intermediate Blues Guitar method are just full of seriously bad rhythm chops. I am delighted to have discovered these, I love to play his funky blues rhythms.

As a reminder, Intermediate Blues Guitar is a book and CD method from the National Guitar Workshop teaching blues guitar, rhythm, blues techniques and soloing. You can read the initial review of it that I wrote a couple of weeks ago here. I'm posting occasional updates as I work through it to share my experience as I learn from it.

I've been working with the rhythm chapters for a couple weeks now and I've learned some great new blues rhythm ideas.

I skipped through the Stevie Ray Vaughan boogie rhythms at the start of the chapter. They're pretty cool and I have some work to do on the picking hand coordination and accuracy. They sound really good on the book's accompanying CD where they're played properly. More practice time for me, though...

I had more success with the rhythm chucks that followed. I learned some new 13th chord positions that sound great, they are tricky to play and take a little practice. Played with a swing feel these 9th and 13th chords give a jazzy blues feel. Played more up tempo and you can create some funky sounds.

Right now I'm working on a really neat technique that involves mixing three note chords from another key with dominant chords. This creates rhythm parts with some funky movement that sounds great. It's taking me a little while to get the hang of picking the right triads fast enough, but I'm looking forward to applying this technique once I can play it right on all the chords.

That's all for this update. I'll be back with more later when I've finished working through the rhythm chapters. I'm also going to experiment with making some recordings so you can hear the kind of thing you can learn, too.

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agatzebluz said...

that's a good book. I own it too for some years now.

The only downside of it is the solo example if I remember well because it is quite flat. Not very good.

Otherwise, there is a lot of stuff to steal in that method.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi agatzebluz, I haven't got to the soloing chapters yet. I listened to the CD and I remember hearing some nice sounding examples, though. I'll report on that later...

Nice nickname, by the way.

agatzebluz said...

Hi Gary

Thanks for the nickname. It's nice to hear that because in France people don't usually understand it ...
Guess I should have chosen a french one, but I like this one.

For the soloing part of the book, yeah, keep us posted when you are studying that part.
My memory can play with me, but that was definitely not the strong point of the book for what I can recall.
Maybe I should take it back to my desk ...

Gary Fletcher said...

Well I am in France, I'm not sure I would have understood it if I wasn't ;-)

What about the rest of you? Anybody else get it?

agatzebluz said...

@ Gary : where are you staying in France ?

Gary Fletcher said...

@agatzebluz - I live near Nice.

agatzebluz said...

Yes, I remember now, Mouans sartou !!

A couple of friends of mine lived there until this summer !!!

The worls is really small.

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