1 December 2008

Become a Better Guitar Player at Rock House

Would you like to become a better guitar player? I know I would, and that's why I enjoyed a series of 12 tips offered by the Rock House blog earlier this year. The Rock House series presented little things you can do to become a better guitar player, right now.

You might have missed the series, but our friends over at the Rock House blog had the good idea to re-post the tips in a convenient single post. I've printed a copy to leave as a reminder in my guitar case, next to my list of songs. You might find this useful too.

Here is a taste of the 12 things Rock House recommends in 12 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become A Better Player. You'll have to read the post to get the details...

  1. Listen.

  2. Practice smart.

  3. Watch yourself.

  4. Record yourself.

  5. Learn from your mistakes.

  6. Have perception.

  7. Build speed in small increments.

  8. Use your body clock.

  9. Listen to other genres of music.

  10. Play for others.

  11. Create a practice routine and play consistently.

  12. Don't get frustrated.

You might already know of some of these things, and even do them already. Congratulations if that's the case. You can still use the list is a simple and practical reminder so you don't forget and lose focus.

Two things I decided to do better are recording myself and playing for others. Recording revealed to me that I play songs too fast.

This might seem surprising, it surprised me at any rate. It seems that most guitar players worry about not playing fast enough. But I have found with several friends that in fact we play too fast. I guess it's the excitement (or fear!) as we rush to finish a song without making mistakes.

I'm sure you'll find something in the list that will help to improve your guitar playing. If you want to become a better player visit 12 things you can do right now and print a copy to keep in your guitar case.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Gary,

Nice post. As a member of the RHM, I have some of their products, but their tips and well your tips have been helping me tremendously.

I will say that when I can practice, I need to follow these 12 steps a little more. However, if I have to pick one that I needed to focus more on, it would be 12: Don't get frustrated.

I know learning the guitar takes time, but like all men, I want it NOW...!

Great tips and look forward to more...

Sarge said...

Thanks for kudos Gary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, know what you mean, almost 10pm and no guitar practice yet today. 12 might just be the most important thing there is. Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Curt, Thanks for the tips, and the handy format!

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