3 December 2008

Survey: What's Your Guitar Learning Challenge?

We all have challenges to overcome as we try to learn guitar. This week I’d like to hear about your challenges so I'm running a survey on Not Playing Guitar where you can tell me what problems you are dealing with – or not - as you learn guitar.

It's not easy to describe all the challenges you could face in a simple list but I'm going to try. You can select more than one if you want. If you don't see your challenge in the list then you can always add a comment on this post to describe it.

I’ll be leaving the survey up for a week or so to give everyone a chance to have their say. You can check back later to learn about the results of the survey. I’ll be following it up with my thoughts on these problems and hopefully I’ll be able to suggest some solutions that will help you.

The survey appears in the left hand column of the site, just below the subscription area. If you can’t see it right now then scroll up or down a little until you find it. I look forward to hearing from as many readers as possible.

Don’t forget, if you want to hear more about solutions for your learning challenge, make sure you vote for it in the survey or leave a comment to describe it.

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Anonymous said...

Like you said in your post, there are many challenges. I have many. If I needed to pick just one, it is the simple fact that I want to master the guitar NOW. I have talked about this in the past but that patience is my biggest challenge. I need to realize that mastering the guitar takes time. I will admit that the more I practice, the better I feel and the other night was the first time that I had felt bonded with my guitar. She still does not have a name yet but getting an identity.

As always: THANKS>>>

Dugansbf said...

I just found your site, great tips.

I'm starting out learning with my Fender Acoustic F-35 series, probably over 30 years old.
I've replaced the strings numerous times and adjusted the truss rod only slightly to get the neck less bowed. It's been a challenge for my stubby fingers to strum chords without it ringing back at me, but I haven't given up, despite much frustration.

Hopefully a new acoustic will be mine for the holidays, but I still want to learn my finger techniques and chords.
My ring finger on my fretting hand is very uncoordinated, I guess its the least used finger on both hands, so I'm trying different finger independence and strength building exercises.
I'm very eager to learn everything I can on guitar, it just seems I have stupid fingers.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Problem changing chords.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who's responding. Keep the challenges and questions coming.

@Anonymous, here's a couple of posts that should help, effective chord fingering, The Secret of Fast Chord Changes.

@Dugansbf - The first of the above posts should also be useful to you. You might also try to ensure your new acoustic has a wider neck with more space between the strings. Seagull guitars are good in this respect.

Anonymous said...

This would be my guitar learning challenge; Lets say we only have minimal time and we want to keep our Motor skills concerning guitar playing active; I would want a minimal practice routine with maximum impact, so i would like to develop such a schedule; which i would use in my 'frustrating’ guitar learning periods

Anonymous said...

I like this site. One of the biggest challenges guitar players and also musicians are facing today is the abundance of information that is so easily accessible. Every once in a while I check out a guitar forum and I'm amazed at how many people are writing lengthy posts about their gear and blah blah this guy is no good and John Mayer sucks (well aside from taste any guitar player knows that dude is badass). Don't get me wrong I think the internet is a valuable resource and I'm always looking for new information online. Lately though I've been thinking about all of my heroes and how they had nothing but a radio and their ears. I

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, Thanks for joining the party. I know what you mean about the time Internet can take up, having a blog lets me call it "research" and feel a bit less guilty about it ;-)

I like your post on Jeff Buckley and Being Original.

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