29 December 2008

Taking Stock of the Guitar Year

Here's a simple guitar journal exercise to help you review your playing and prepare your next step as we approach the end of this year. Below you'll find a series of prompts to get you thinking about what you do well and what you want to improve. The focus is on improvement and the last prompts are designed to get you to decide on your next actions and put them into practice.

Take your time to think about the answers. A good way to do the exercise is to copy the prompts onto a sheet of paper now and then leave some time to think about your answers. Come back later and write down all the things that have come to you. You might like to note down answers as they crop up if you keep your piece of paper handy.

Here are the prompts. Write each one on a sheet of paper and continue with a few sentences or a simple bullet list of the thoughts that occur to you.

1. "I am happy with the way I play guitar because..."

2. "My guitar strengths are..."

3. "My guitar weaknesses are..."

4. "One thing I'd really like to do better is..."

5. "Five ways that I could make that happen are..."

6. "Today, I will do..."

This last one is important, don't stop at writing it down - you have to do it. Only taking action will help you improve your guitar playing. Repeatedly taking little actions to move forward will ensure that you'll be able to look back at the end of the coming year and feel satisfied with your progress playing guitar.

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