15 December 2008

What's Your Guitar Learning Challenge - Poll Results

The voting is closed in this poll to discover your guitar learning challenges. I'd like to give all of you who voted or left comments a big thank you for participating. I really enjoyed following the poll and learning more about your challenges. Let's take a look and see what you voted for.

21 readers voted and here are the challenges they voted for, the ones with the most votes first.

12 (57%) - Don't know what to practice.
8 (38%) - Don't know what to do next.
7 (33%) - Can't afford lessons.
7 (33%) - Not making progress.
6 (28%) - Don't know where to start.
6 (28%) - Not enough time.
6 (28%) - Can't read music.
5 (23%) - Don't have an objective.
3 (14%) - Can't remember songs.

A few readers commented with their own challenges that weren't in the list. These spoke of "stupid fingers", "problem changing chords", "impatience", and a "minimal practice routine with maximum impact". I for one can sympathise with those challenges so thanks for adding them.

The poll results show the number one challenge you voters want to hear about is what to practice. The top two items in the poll both relate to this. I'll be back with some specific advice on those problems soon, but while you're waiting here's a post from the archives with some help on preparing what to practice. Maybe it's what you are looking for?

Now I'm off to prepare some posts to help you with these challenges as fast as I can. Look out for them here over the coming week. You can sign-up to get posts delivered by email or to your RSS reader to save you checking back for them yourself.

Running this poll has been a lot of fun and it helps me to learn more about you readers so I can hopefully write more of what you like. It has given me some good ideas for new content to add to the site, so I think you can expect to see more polls in the new year.

Once again, thank you to all the participants and readers. Keep practicing!

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Unknown said...

"Now I'm off to prepare some posts to help you with these challenges as fast as I can. "

Awesome - I am ready to be challenged.

Anonymous said...

@Mike - Thanks, I am already plenty challenged... tap, tap, tip-tap...

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