22 January 2009

Do You Need to Re-engineer Your Guitar Playing?

Today I'm guesting on Jemsite, a community of fans of the Ibanez JEM guitar. Here's an extract from my post.

Here's a post about a technique from Software Engineering that can help you organize your guitar practice to get the most out of the skills you learn. When I'm not playing guitar I work as a software engineer to pay the rent. I was recently reading about the new features of a developer tool I use when I came across the passage below (edited slightly to make it appropriate to this context) that gave me an idea to improve my guitar practice.
If you want to learn what software engineering can do for your guitar skills read Could Your Guitar Playing Use a Re-engineering Cycle?

I'll be back tomorrow here on Not Playing Guitar with a new update on my progress with Matt Smith's Intermediate Blues Guitar method. Meanwhile, happy strumming.

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