28 January 2009

Easy Beginner Song With G, D and A Chords

Today I'm sharing a video lesson that shows you how to play an easy beginner song, Rivers of Babylon.

The lesson starts by showing you how to play each of the three chords of the song - G, D and A. In the next step you'll learn how to change from G to D, then from G to A.

Finally you'll learn how to change between all three chords, G - D - A, while you strum. When you've mastered this you'll be ready to play along with the song.

There are three things to notice as you work with the lesson:

  1. A step by step approach is applied to gradually learn the chord changes and strums. Use this approach in your own practice.
  2. The 3 views in the Jamorama course this lesson comes from make it easy to follow what is going on.
  3. Two different fingerings for the A chord are shown. Notice that when the first finger on the 3rd string it is in the same place as for the D chord. You can change chords without moving your finger.

The video lasts only six and a half minutes, but don't worry if you need more time than that to master the three chord changes. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Jamorama Acoustic

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