16 January 2009

Guitar Strings - How Often Do You Change Yours?

I hate changing guitar strings. I'll do almost anything to avoid it so I usually end up waiting until my strings are in a horrible state, full of rust and crud before I change them.

I know that the guitar would sound better and be easier to play if I changed the strings more often. I still prefer waiting to changing strings, though.

Strings or Practice?

In my limited practice time changing strings takes me about half an hour. That is equivalent to a good long practice session for me.

So when I have the choice between picking up the guitar and playing or practicing for a half hour or going through the tedious task of changing strings, guess which one I choose?

Too Many Guitars?

My dislike of string changing does have one benefit. It saves me plenty of money on buying guitars.

Sometimes I find myself wishing I had another guitar, different sounds. But then I get an "Ugh, I'd have another set of strings to change..." thought. So I quickly get over my desire. I can't imagine how those players with four, five, six or more guitars get on.

A Confession

All this talk of strings and string changing is in fact a feeble attempt to work up courage to change my strings. This weekend I really want to get back that slinky smooth, new string feel, hence this pep talk to motivate myself.

This time, I'm going to try some new strings, those long-life Elixir ones. My hope is that I can continue to change strings infrequently and still enjoy a fresh feel and sound.

I usually use standard Martin acoustic steel strings, light gauge. I'll fill you in with some news on how the Elixirs do later on.

Weekend Guitar Workout

What about you. Do you change strings as often as you should, or do you forge on with grubby and sticky strings like me? Dare to share your dark string changing secrets in the comments...

Meanwhile, I'm off to change the strings now. Oh, and if you don't have strings to change this weekend and want to get in some good guitar practice, try this weekend guitar workout proposed by the Rock House Blog. It looks like a lot of fun.

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6String said...

I have 2 guitars and change the strings every month religiously. I actually find it a bit relaxing. Typically I do it after a practice session and will sit down in front of the tv and change strings and give the guitar a through and deep cleaning. In some weird way I find it to be a bonding time with the guitar. I love the feel and tone of new strings. Make yourself do it this weekend and you'll be happy you did.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Scott - Nice idea, the bonding thing. Hadn't thought of it that way. I'm glad to say I changed my strings and am now enjoying the silky new ones.

Anonymous said...

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