7 January 2009

Learn Guitar Songs by Ear - Here's a Method That's Helping Me

This post shares a video lesson showing an easy method to learn guitar songs by ear. I've made several attempts at this in the past without much success. I came across this video recently and tried the method it describes. It has helped me to find many of the chords for three songs I tried it on, not 100% but a lot more than I usually manage.

The video lasts less than two minutes and could help you improve your ability to learn songs by ear so why not give it a try?

Did it work for you? Do you have any other good tips for learning songs by ear? Please share your experience as a comment.

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Sarge said...

It's a good method. I use this quite often.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Curt, Thanks for dropping by. This technique gave me new hope that I could learn to recognize music by ear. I'm planning to work on that...

Sarge said...

It's pretty mush how he explains. Once you figure out the key it just follows a progression

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