25 February 2009

Build Guitar Practice Habits with the Power of Less Challenge

Learning to play guitar the way you want really boils down to one critical factor. Practice. The better your guitar practice habit the better you will play guitar.

So, if this is so then how do you become good at guitar practice? Well here is one very good way that has been proven by many thousands of people as well as scientific research too.

This effective method you can use to develop any habit is well explained by Leo Babauta. Leo doesn't play guitar as far as I know but he does know a thing or two about developing habits.

He has developed what he calls the Power of Less Challenge. The challenge helps you to develop any habit you want. I could explain the Power of Less Challenge to you, but luckily for me Tim Ferris has already done a great job of this on his blog.

You can read his article to learn more or simply get yourself a copy of Leo's Power of Less book. It could help you with more than just your guitar practice.

The method described might look deceptively simple. But that is exactly where its power lies, you will find it much easier to develop habits that stick by following the advice in the book. If you're struggling to develop or maintain a regular guitar practice habit, why not give it a try?

How do you ensure your daily dose of guitar practice? I'd love to hear how you developed or keep up a daily guitar practice habit. I'm especially interested in hearing how you apply the Power of Less Challenge and how it helps you.

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