16 February 2009

Two Chord Guitar Practice Routine

Two chords are all you need for a simple and effective guitar practice routine to improve chord changes, build skills and develop musical knowledge.

Two chords help you create a focused practice session while at the same time giving you the opportunity to work on a variety of skills. You can create a practice workout instantly with almost no thought once you get in the habit of using this simple method.

Let's take a look at all the things you can do with only two chords.

Two Chord Exercises

Simply play the chord changes back and forth to perfect them and develop speed. You can use strums or arpeggio patterns to play the chords using either a pick or your fingers.

Make things more interesting by adding bass runs between the two chords. You can try out chromatic or scale wise bass runs and experiment with different approaches and fingerings.

You can play melodic runs between the chords. These are similar to bass runs but you play notes on the top strings to create the melodic movement. Again you can experiment with different note choices and fingerings.

Fretboard Skills

Work on different chord fingerings up and down the fretboard. Even if you use only two chords you don't have to use the same positions. Build your fretboard knowledge and learn to create more interesting sounds.

Play licks or riffs on and around the two chords while you follow the changes from chord to chord.

Rhythm Training

Use your two chords to work on your rhythm skills. Play a variety of different rhythm patterns using strums, arpeggios or a mixture of the two. By keeping the same chords you can focus on your picking hand and timing.

Two chord grooves are the basis of many songs in styles ranging from soul and R&B through funk to rock. They are also a great way to keep things simple while you practice guitar.

The two-chord practice routine is an effective and easy way to organize your daily guitar sessions. Choose two chords to work on for a whole session, or choose several pairs to practice for five or ten minutes at a time.

The two chord practice routine takes almost no planning and no thinking, leaving you free to focus on practice instead of wondering what to do.

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