27 March 2009

10 Best Tips to Learn Guitar

Are you a guitar beginner, or thinking about learning guitar? If you are then the free report 10 Best Tips to Learn Guitar is for you.

This free report from Not Playing Guitar will help you:

  • Enjoy learning to play guitar
  • Learn simply and effectively
  • Find out whether you need a teacher
  • Focus your time on effective learning activities
  • Learn how to practice well

Topics covered include...
  • How to develop an attitude that helps you learn and progress
  • What a guitar teacher can help you with most
  • What to spend your practice time on
  • How to practice and learn new skills most efficiently
  • The importance of songs in your practice time

You are welcome to download the report for free, distribute it to your friends, post it on your web site, or simply add it to the collection of mostly ignored guitar lessons laying around on your hard disk. The choice is yours, so download it today.

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