18 March 2009

Acoustic Blues - Land of A7

Here's another great acoustic blues guitar lesson from Marty of Next Level Guitar. Marty is offering some great lessons for anyone who loves to play acoustic blues guitar (Thanks Marty! And love the hat). This one shows you a great way to spice up your bluesy A7 chords.

You'll learn some nice A7 chord shapes you can play up and down the guitar neck. It gives your playing movement that will really make your ears stand up and listen.

View acoustic blues lesson.

Enjoy more video lessons from Next Level Guitar.

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Anonymous said...

Great lesson! ... regarding the right hand movement in the A7 land part, is it just constant ups and downs?

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi, up and down movement would work well, but I recommend you use swing eighths - so the down up is not even, with the ups coming only shortly before the downs.

Otherwise you can see some right hand patterns in the video around 8:19.

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