18 May 2009

Better Guitar One Chord At A Time

Would you like to play more guitar chords than you currently do? Growing the number of chords you can play is a sure way to improve your guitar playing. Here's an easy to use process you can use increase your chord mastery way beyond its current level.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you think about all the chords you have to learn. There are so many different fingerings and positions that you can have a hard time knowing where to start.

But you can transform this feeling into action so that you progress and can make sense of things. Instead of worrying about the huge number of chord fingerings you don't know simply create some forward motion to learn more.

One Chord This Week

Get started by setting yourself an easy goal - learn one new chord this week.

Make things as easy as you can to start with. Choose a chord not far from what you know already. For example, if you already know some open chords then pick one new one, even a simple variant on a chord you know already will do. Know the E major chord? Then learn to play E7 this week.

Once you've chosen your chord go ahead and practice it every day. You don't have to spend hours, five minutes is enough.

Don't fall into the trap of spending ages trying to get it perfect in the first day or two. Remember you have a week to learn it, so if it's not perfect after the first two days that's OK.

Limit yourself to a few minutes practice, then move on to whatever else you have to practice. By the end of the week you will have made great progress with your new chord.

More Chords Every Week

One new chord in a week is a great start, but to make real headway you need to repeat the process.

Here are a few ideas to help you easily pick new chords for the next week, and the week after, and the one after that...

Make a list of the chords you want to learn, maybe the chords you need for some songs you'd like to play. Just pick the next chord from the list each week, don't lose time thinking about which one to learn.

Another approach is to use a theme. You could choose a series of open chord shapes, 6 chords, minor chords, chords in one key... There are many possible themes to work from. You can follow a theme for as long as you like and then change to a new one.

Over to You - Get Started

One chord doesn't seem such a tall order for a week's practice, does it? If you learn just one chord, and repeat that process every week then a year from now you'll have learned 52 new chords you can play. I bet that would make a useful difference to your guitar playing.

If you want to learn 52 new chords by this time next year then don't lose any time, get started right away. Leave a comment telling us the chord you're going to learn this week and why you want to learn it.

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