7 May 2009

Incremental Guitar Practice

Yesterday I posted The Get It Right Now Trap, a pitfall that leads you to spend your practice time repeating the same thing over and over. The solution I proposed for this is to ensure you have a practice plan, a list of the things you need to work on, and set a limit to repeat items a maximum number of times, three say.

By coincidence later that same day I read an interview with Rob Balducci on the Rock House Blog, and Rob mentioned this problem too,

"A mistake that a lot of students make is that they will go and start from the beginning again and they practice scales again so they don’t have time to rehearse and cover everything they need to."

I wanted to share with you Rob's interesting idea for avoiding this trap and getting through the material you need to practice. Here's what Rob has to say about incremental practice.

"I also think you need to make a notebook for yourself and write in it. It’s very important for the next day that you rehearse. You don’t want to rehearse the same thing that you did the day before. You want to make sure that you go to something else so there’s not a lot of repeating."

Read the Rob Balducci interview on Rock House Blog to discover more useful practice tips from Rob Balducci.

Thanks to the Rock House Blog for their series of player interviews. I'm not familiar with a lot of the players they interview but I've learned useful practice tips from each of them.

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Unknown said...

"repeating the same thing over and over." This is what I am doing and I feel trapped. I need to get out of this rut and thanks to you, I will make the move to go...forward.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Dy, Yes, it's an easy trap to get into. I got into it for a while recently myself, which inspired my first post yesterday. Combined with Rob's idea I think I'm safe for a while.

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