25 May 2009

Roland Micro Cube Amp

If you are looking for a practice amp then the Roland Micro Cube is an excellent bet for your money. Equiped with 7 amp models it covers just about any kind of sound you'd want, and very well too. Take a look at the video below to hear it in action and learn more about its features.

The amp also runs on 6 standard AA batteries, and will run for 20 hours according to specs. Several reviewers have reported that the batteries last for ages, plenty for a night's gigging in a small venue or for busking.

The price for this versatile, robust and great-sounding package? $117 at Amazon - Roland MicroCube Amplifier.

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m78w said...

Looks like a decent practice amp for the price. Roland can sometimes get a bad rep for having "iffy" tone, but I've always had good experiences with them, both big and small Roland amps.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Matthew, thanks for the comment. I use a Roland AC60 for acoustic guitar and voice and it sounds just great. Very loud too for its size.

I'm looking around for a small electric practice amp and this Roland looks very interesting to me. I'm also looking at a few pre-amps so I could play an electric through the AC60 as a "power" amp.

Chris said...

We use Roland Cubes at the studio where I teach. They are solid little amps, especially for a beginner. Lots of options.

Does it sound like a tube amp stack? Of course not. But it sounds a helluva a lot better than the Peavey rage amp I started with.


Gary Fletcher said...

Thanks for sharing Chris.

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