10 June 2009

Guitar String Cleaning, Swipe It

Do you hate grimy guitar strings? I do, but I also hate changing my strings, so I'm always on the lookout for a good way to prolong their life so I can put off this chore. Here's a new solution that claims 3 or 4 times longer string life, with a simple swipe.

The swipe is a patented new micro fibre designed to clean grime and sweat from metallic instrument strings. You can use it on your guitar, bass, violin, cello or any other stringed instrument.

The nice thing about the Swipe is that it uses no chemicals, so is less likely to harm your instrument finish, and the planet too. It is made of a very dense micro fibre 16 times denser than silk. This material is very hard wearing, but is soft and won't scratch your guitar.

The Swipe has a handy curved shape so it can clean underneath your guitar strings as well as their surface. It is sold with a separate cloth for the back of the neck and instrument body.

All that for the very reasonable price of £4.99/$7.20/€5.30 including worldwide postage and packing. Learn more or order The Swipe.


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