27 July 2009

Beginner Guitar: 3 Classic Mistakes

There are many traps and pitfalls that can discourage the guitar beginner and slow your progress. Here are three common errors that many beginners make, and suggestions on how to avoid or solve them.

#1 Not Getting Into A Practice Habit

The best way to ensure you get off to a good start and set the foundation for continued growth as a guitar player is to make guitar practice a daily habit.

Many beginner guitar players fail to practice every day. You might not think that missing a day here or there matters much. But a day easily becomes two, then three, and before you know it you get to the end of the week and you haven't practiced.

You must set aside a regular time for your practice and stick to it. When you practice every day you learn faster. It's plain and simple, yet so many fail to do it.

Practice every day for long enough you'll develop a habit that will be harder to break. You'll start to miss your guitar on days when you can't practice.

#2 Playing Too Much

Although daily practice is important for beginner guitar players you don't have to play for hours.

Just like when you start an exercise program you need to build up gradually. If you try to play for hours every day you will end up hurting yourself. You will also have a good chance of becoming fed up with your new instrument and have less of an urge to play.

Start slowly and in small doses. Stop after 20 or 30 minutes to leave yourself with curiosity and enthusiasm to pick up your instrument again and learn more next time.

#3 Giving Up

Burn out is not the only reason many beginner guitarists give up. Starting to learn guitar is hard, your first efforts will probably be quite frustrating. You have to get through the sore finger tips, muffled and buzzing notes, false notes, uneven rhythms and all the other problems guitar playing presents you with.

It can be a long way from the image of yourself as a guitar hero, effortlessly playing songs, that you might have had in mind when you decided to learn guitar.

In this period it is easy to start thinking that playing the guitar is impossible. Or maybe that you're not good enough and don't have the talent. At this point a lot of beginner guitar players simply give up.

But you must know that playing the guitar is possible and that talent has little to do with it. You really only need one thing, and that is to persist.

All those players who give up will fulfill their own prophecy. Yes, it is impossible to play guitar if you don't do it.

But if you practice and play then you can be sure that you will learn to play better and better. It might take you a long time, it took almost every guitar player a long time, but one day you will become that great guitar player that enthralls listeners that inspired you to start in the first place.

Now you know how to avoid these three classic beginner guitar mistakes.

1. Not practicing regularly enough. Develop a daily practice habit.

2. Playing too much. Take it in small doses and build up gradually.

3. Giving up. Simply keep going and you will make it.

If you avoid these three traps you can enjoy a satisfying experience as you learn guitar. It's great fun to join the ranks of those who can play a few tunes, or more, and entertain yourself, your family and friends, and other people.


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