6 July 2009

Summer Holidays

It's summertime for those of us here in the northern hemisphere, time for holidays. I'll be taking a well deserved break from Not Playing Guitar to head for the mountains for the next couple of weeks.

Before I go I want to apologize for the non-appearance of the promised tips on learning fretboard. Things have simply been too hectic in the run-up to my holidays and I couldn't get those finished.

To make up a little I want to share an article I read recently that offers some good advice on learning the fretboard through scales.

Here are a few highlights.

1. Learn one scale at a time, all over the fretboard.

2. Find out what scales you need for the music you want to play and focus on those.

3. Learn the names of the notes under your fingers, not just the fingering patterns. Learn the scale degrees of these notes too.

Scales and chords are a great tool to help you learn your fretboard. Not only do they provide "road signs" that will guide you to the notes you want to find, but they are usually what you want to end up playing from the notes anyway.

Read Guitar Scales 22 Fret System and try the exercises it describes for one way to create scale road maps for your guitar fretboard.

You'll find more tips to help you to learn your guitar fretboard towards the end of July after my return from holidays. Not Playing Guitar will also be taking a look at some more of these topics...

  • Rhythm and strumming lessons

  • Chord progressions

  • Guitar soloing

  • And blues guitar (with news of a special project for blues guitar fans...)

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