20 July 2009

Two Chord Song: Roadrunner

Do two chord songs have to be insignificant? Today's example at least shows that this is not always the case. Jonathan Richman's Roadrunner was ranked #269 in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

The song was also described by journalist Laura Barton as "one of the most magical songs in existence" (The Guardian, 2007).

Roadrunner is one of the most magical songs in existence. It is a song about what it means to be young, and behind the wheel of an automobile, with the radio on and the night and the highway stretched out before you. It is a paean to the modern world, to the urban landscape, to the Plymouth Roadrunner car, to roadside restaurants, neon lights, suburbia, the highway, the darkness, pine trees and supermarkets. As Greil Marcus put it in his book Lipstick Traces: "Roadrunner was the most obvious song in the world, and the strangest."

The song's persistent rhythm pulses over only two chords, D and A. To play along to this song you can view the chords and words at Ultimate Guitar Archive, Roadrunner Chords.

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Learn more about the song Roadrunner at Wikipedia.
Roadrunner Chords at Ultimate Guitar Archive.

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