9 September 2009

Easy Beginner Arpeggio Picking Lesson

Last week's video lesson showed how to play a finger picking arpeggio pattern. This is a nice technique, but in some situations it is hard to play loud enough. One way to get more volume is shown by today's lesson - use a pick to play arpeggio patterns.

This lesson shows you a great sounding Asus2 chord with some cool bass movement added as a bonus. I'm sure you've heard this kind of thing in many rock songs and you might be surprised to discover how easy it is to learn.

Of course it takes a while to achieve speed with this technique. You have to be disciplined about putting the down and up strokes in the right places or else you will only get into a horrible mess. So be patient and pick slowly.

Remember the three key points from the finger picking lesson and apply them here too.

1. One chord. There's a little more finger movement in this lesson, I recommend you start with a simple A chord until you're comfortable with the picking pattern.

2. One pattern. Always learn one pattern at a time, don't try to mix things up until you're ready.

3. Go slow. As usual, start slowly and focus on accurately reproducing the picking pattern. If you start too fast you're heading for a train crash.

Right, now it's time to play along to the lesson (don't just watch it - you won't learn to play that way).

Sounds good doesn't it. Now you can have fun learning to pick this neat rock arpeggio.


Video lesson from Next Level Guitar.

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