14 September 2009

Guitar: A Competition Sport?

It is often said of music that it is not a competition sport, but I recently discovered one guitar site that challenges that old saying in no uncertain terms. Guitar War might conjure up scary images of khaki clad troopers battling it out with Strats and Les Pauls. But the friendly and peaceful nature of these guitar troopers will soon dispell any fears.

Guitar War is perhaps a rather inappropriate name for this friendly community of guitar players. In fact, you might learn just as much about good manners as good guitar with these guys. So just what is a guitar war then?

Guitar War: What Is It?

Guitar War is an interactive web community where guitarists can share their playing and have it appraised honestly and openly by the site's community. Pairs of guitarists are pitched against each other to record their performance of a guitar piece. The community listens to their playing and leaves comments, suggestions, and an overall rating for the piece.

The idea behind the competitions is that they force you to take your playing out of the practice room and into an arena where you can get good feedback from real human beings. Through this process of performing and receiving feedback you get to learn and improve your guitar playing.

Air Your Guitar Chops

If you're looking for a way to give your guitar chops a public airing and get some good honest feedback and suggestions for improvement Guitar War could just be a place to take on someone more your own size. If you do be sure to share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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Lucas said...

Man, I didn't know this blog, and this is a big mistake to any guitar player! Nice tips and texts, please never stop with this excellent work!

I'll check out this website. There's is a "guitar world" waiting to be discovered on the web :)

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Copin, Thanks for reading and the comment. Let us know how you survive the guitar war... ;-)


Brian Jordan said...

Hi Gary,

Great blog!! Thanks for the heads up about Guitar War -- am doing a 1 year long guitar learning competition with my brothers, this might be our best bet for guitar faceoffs!


Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Brian,

The one year competition with your brothers sounds like a great idea.

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