30 September 2009

Guitar Practice: How Much Time Do You Spend?

How much time do you spend on guitar practice each day? That's the question asked by this week's Not Playing Guitar poll. You can join in and let everyone know how much time you spend to practice and learn guitar.

You can find the poll at the top of the sidebar on the left of all the site's pages. To participate simply select the answer that's closest to your daily practice time. If you practice every other day then divide the time you spend by two to find your daily average.

Got more to say...?

Of course, you can also leave a comment if you'd like to share more about the time you spend on guitar practice. Simply click the "Post a comment" link below.

The poll is open for a week. I'll post a summary of the results for you then.

If you're reading in a feed reader, visit Not Playing Guitar to participate in the poll.

Meanwhile, happy picking...


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Photo by Robbert van der Steeg.


MJK (Mike) said...

I try to practice at least 30 minutes a day, but I need more time. Especially since I want to really learn the guitar.

Gtr said...

I try to practice 2 to 3 times a week for 20 minutes a pop during my lunch break at work. Family life is too hectic and random to have scheduled practice time right now. When I play at home it is usually just for fun and not to actually work on anything specific.
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Lucas said...

Well...I play guitar at least 3 hours a day almost everyday, but I study guitar less than 1 hour...
I should have more discipline to spend more time improving my skills, but I can't stop when music simply begins to flow...

Gary Fletcher said...

Mike, Gtr, Lucas, thanks for sharing. 9 hours left for the rest of you...

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