18 September 2009

Why I Love Tortex Guitar Picks

Every guitar player has their favourite guitar picks. In this post I'll explain why my favourites are Dunlop Tortex guitar picks, those brightly coloured little picks with a tortoise logo.

Non-slip Grip

Sweaty hands are a common problem when playing the guitar and many plastic picks become as slippery as soap bars while playing.

No such problems with Tortex picks though. They have a very fine and soft grain which prevents them from slipping, no matter how hot things get. The plastic is also soft and very agreeable to touch. I know no other pick that matches the comfortable shape and size, non-slip grip and soft feel.


Who says guitar picks have to be black, grey or dark brown? Tortex picks are brightly coloured, one colour for each pick thickness. The bright colours are not only for fun, they make the picks easy to find when you drop or misplace one and you can recognize a pick's thickness instantly - handy when you are rummaging for the right one.


Tortex picks come in a large number of different thicknesses, you are sure to find the one that suits you.

I mostly use the yellow medium picks (0.73mm) and occasionally the slightly thinner orange picks (0.60mm). But I also like to use a slightly fatter pick sometimes when playing acoustically - the beautiful sky blue 1.0mm pick gives a slightly louder and fatter sound that I like.

Inky Fingers

Although I love my Tortex guitar picks there is one thing that could be improved. The black ink used fot the tortoise logo and the pick thickness comes off very easily when you first use them.

It's not a big deal, and the ink is soon all gone so the problem disappears, but it does kind of mess up the nice colours for a short while. Of course, this means the cute tortoise logo disappears too, but thanks to the bright colour you always know what size your pick is.

So now you know all you need to about Tortex guitar picks. If you have trouble with slippery picks then you should definitely try some of these on your next visit to the guitar shop.


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Sophie said...

I'll have to check these Tortex picks out. I like to use picks on the thicker side, as there's less of a "clunk" sound when you try to play with it. Great advice, thanks!

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