30 October 2009

Favourite Guitar Styles Results

The favourite guitar styles poll has closed with 113 voters. Thanks to all who participated, it's always enjoyable to learn more about you.

Here are the results of the poll.

As you can see, blues and rock are the most popular styles, closely followed by heavy rock and metal. Acoustic guitar also has a healthy number of fans amongst you and I'm happy to see plenty of interest for jazz guitar too.

What's rather nice about the result is that it matches my own favourite styles quite closely - apart from the heavy metal, which is not really my cup of tea (sorry metal fans). Well, maybe that's not much of a surprise, I mostly write about those styles which could easily explain their popularity with you.

On the blues guitar front, I'm pleased to announce that I'll shortly be launching a new site dedicated to blues guitar.

I have plenty of ideas and tips to share on learning and playing blues guitar, but there's just not enough room here to post it all. I don't want Not Playing Guitar to be one of those sites that fills up your feed reader with posts you don't get time to read. So instead of increasing posting frequency here I'm creating the new site dedicated to blues guitar. Then you can pick your content more easily with a separate feed and its own posting schedule.

There'll be more news here on the blues guitar site next week. Be sure to sign up to the RSS feed so you don't miss it. The feed is also available via email here.

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