16 November 2009

Custom Music Paper with Staffnotes

How do you note down your current guitar lessons and practice tasks? I recently discovered Staffnotes, a free tool that let's you print customised pages where you can mix music notation and your written notes.

Staffnotes is a web page created by Dan Comerchero that lets you position elements on a page using the mouse. You can choose from music staff, tab lines, lines for writing notes and a guitar neck or piano keyboard diagram. Once you've chosen the elements you want and arranged them on the page you simply click the print button to print your custom music and notes paper on your printer.

Here are some useful things you can use Staffnotes pages for:

  • Plan your practice by listing chords and licks to work on with practice points in the notes area
  • Track your practice progress by adding notes as you work through the tab or music score you planned
  • Take notes during your guitar lesson
  • Write notes on music theory next to the notes illustrating it
  • Capture ideas for your next lick, solo or song
  • And if you're a music teacher Staffnotes is ideal to create lessons for your students
Time Saving Tip

Here's a little tip to save you time re-creating your page layout each time you want to print more sheets. Install yourself a PDF printer driver (free PDF printer drivers). Then you can print your Staffnotes layout to a PDF file and print further copies easily from the saved file without going through the layout process again.

Staffnotes is a simple tool that makes it easy to create pages where you can keep music notation and your notes about it in one place. No more will you lose that sheet where you wrote down the stuff your guitar teacher told you about that piece of music you are working on...

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Maria said...

Thanks for sharing this! Great widget also for piano teachers and students!

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